Warning: Brain Re-Wiring in Process

Slow and Steady Spring Updates


Anyone who has run a small business knows how difficult it can be to set aside time to review, reflect, and plan for the future. I find it additionally challenging to wrangle my wild brain into written communication, but I've taken some time off from full time projects this Spring to send some updates. Relationship-building and community are my priorities in life, and I love sharing with you like-minded folks! 
Much love,
Erin and TMBP Crew

Wrapping up 2017

-Thanks to ALL of you who bought t-shirts to support our 'REAL REBELS Practice Kindness' Campaign.  Check out our instagram to see shirts worn from London and Italy to Beijing!  

-In addition to our Bali retreat last summer, we ran our first Cape Town programs with Aveleigh Gateman, founder of Nametag.

-In Beijing, Natalie is still knocking Live with Less events out of the park, and Uchechi has kindly taken over leading yoga!  

-In late 2017 we applied for funding with the Berkley Center for Greater Good to launch our Parents Investing in Compassionate Children (PICK) program, but the competition was steep and our incredible Virginia-based team was not selected for the award.  Major thanks to all of those who supported us during that process. 




What's on for 2018?

-Co-founders, Erin and Brittany, reunited in the magical land of Bali in April for the Bali Spirit Fest, where Brittany rocked children's programs and we caught up with fellow entrepreneurial pals like Nuts & Bolts PPT Speed Training, Rani Maree Rapid Transformational Therapy and Secret Sunrise Bali. Both she-bosses are pursuing additional education and embodied projects.

-We are finishing up our 10-month Teacher Self-Care program at The Langley School and will now be offering the curriculum as a 10-WEEK program.

-Erin continues to teach and write curriculum for the University of Virginia's Contemplative Sciences Center and Career Services Center, including programs to engage fraternities in Mindful Communication and frameworks for the Alternative Career Search.

-Co-Founder, Alyssa Farrelly is brushing up her business skills with a forthcoming MBA program, and we hope to see her on this side of the world a bit more! 


Get Involved.

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