OnLine Courses:

The Science of Happiness - Berkeley Center for Greater Good (FREE)

Mindfulness Fundamentals - Mindful Schools

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) - UMass Medical 

Authorized MBSR Curriculum - UMass Medical (FREE)

mindfulness Videos:

Full Body Relaxation Scan with Co-Founder, Erin Henshaw


Happify: Mindfulness is a Super Power

Dan Siegel's Hand as a Brain

Brene Brown: Vulnerability

Meditation Apps:


Insight Timer

Guided Meditations: Tara Brach Jack Kornfield Sharon Salzburg


Natural Movement and Functional Strength: The Iron Movement

HATHA Yoga ( is the most appropriate style for mental health, healing and breathwork)

-Body Positive Yoga

-Mosaic, San Diego

-Yoga Glo, My Yoga Works 

reccommended US RetreatS:

Camp Grounded

Insight Meditation Society



Spirit Rock

The Mind Body Project (International)

The Garrison Institute

Beginner Brain science + Emotional development Books:

Search Inside Yourself – Chade Meng Tan

Buddah’s Brain – Rick Hanson

10% Happier -- Dan Harris

Mindfulness for Beginners – John Kabat Zinn

The Whole Brain Child – Dan Siegel

Rewire Your Brain — John B Arden

Getting Into It:

The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel Van Der Kolk

Mindfulness for Teachers – Tish Jennings

The Brain That Changes Itself — Norman Doidge

Mindset — Carol Dweck

Rising Strong — Brene Brown

Email for a PDF of resources we suggest for teachers, employers and individuals.