what's a mindfulness program?

The term ‘mindfulness’ has gone from zero to hero over the past few years because it’s simply good science.  Mindfulness programs help us rewire our brains for better awareness, motivation and happiness.  But what does it mean to hire a mindfulness company?  Well, the truth is that there are a huge range answers, and it’s hard to know exactly what someone who teaches mindfulness will bring to your organization.

Here is our basic framework:  


Personal Participant Intake: The core of each of our programs is understanding the needs and perspective of the individual within a group.  With each new project, we ask about personal experience with practices such as mindful sitting, physical movement and setting intentions.  This way, we can meet people where they are without overwhelming or under-stimulating.

For example, if the concept of breath before movement is elementary, we’ll go into more advanced breathing techniques for clarity and focus.  If the body as an emotional map of our past experience is a new idea, we’ll start with body scans, but if this is common knowledge, we’ll move on to using the wisdom of the body to access gut feelings.

Identification of Organizational Challenges: Once we access 'average mindfulness level' we ask about the big hairy challenges facing the organization.  Often, there are themes within institutions, such as burnout and retention, or lack of group cohesion and creativity.  We use a variety of tools, both quantitative and qualitative, to understand our starting point and tangible goals. 

Development of Unique lens: We dive deep into company culture, so that we are using language and metaphors most relevant to the team.  We specialize in pulling out the humor and quirks of a particular department, to make tackling big problems a bit more accessible.

For example, school counselors often have a set language with which to discuss behavior challenges or emotional states, so we work directly with administration and teachers to create materials that compliment what's already going well within the school system. 

Specific Deliverables: Our programs are always composed of at least three interactive activities revolving around the theme of breath, movement and mindset. We draw on various fields of expertise depending on client needs, but each program is guided by thought leaders in the fields of neuroscience, growth mindset, compassionate communication and mindful movement.

Click our RESOURCES page to learn more about these thought leaders. 

ROI: Drawing upon the groundwork laid during our Identification of Organizational Challenges, we work with key stakeholders to access tangible benefits of each program, using both quantitative and qualitative measures. 

For a 90-minute workshop, the goal may be to break down some communication barriers within a team, while a full 8-week program may help with knowledge acquisition of a new product or software.

This process was created with four years of short and long-term data from clients in a wide variety of fields.  We combine participant engagement with personal experience (plus outside consulting when necessary), to integrate these five components in each of our programs. Our process is ever-evolving as we embody a growth mindset to fit the demands of the modern world, but we guarantee mindful consideration of the unique personal and professional challenges of our ever-growing tribe.

We look forward to moving and growing with your team.