growth mindset

Sweat Equity at the iLab

Employing a growth mindset to our lives and how we want to  approach running a business, we're taking the summer to study at the University of Virginia's, i.lab (innovation lab) @ The Darden School of Business.

our smile-inducing takeaways:

  • "Meditation and self-care" was a recurring theme suggested to our cohort by several successful entrepreneurs.  Hello, validation!
  • Human Factors Engineering is something most people and companies don't take into consideration, it can save lives, and make what you're doing easily utilized. 
  • Why does most tequila give you a headache? It only needs to be 51% agave to be called "tequila"! WHAT?!  Instead, if you're a fan, look for 100% agave, minimizing the hangover. Or you know, don't drink so much. --Lyons Brown III
  • MVP? for a startup, it's your Minimum Viable Product, --your specific product that just enough features to gather validated learning and leaves room to further develop.

And an AWESOME SWEAT EQUITY VIDEO made by our friends at Dovetail Digital!