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Bali Retreat Schedule

As part of our Karma Yoga, all classes are free and day programs are self-pay.  Friends welcome.  We don't have mats, but bring a towel for comfort, and feel free to stay after at the cafe for lunch. 

Please RSVP definitely for yoga therapy and tentatively for classes. ( We are happy to meet people at a known location and guide you back to us!

Location: Canggu, Bali (about 2.5 miles north of the Beach) RSVP for exact location

      Fri July 14: 11am Welcome, Noon lunch in town

      Sat July 15 Morning: 9-10:30am Morning Hatha Yoga with Erin

      *Optional Afternoon Surf Outing

Sun July 16 Morning: 9-10am Pilates with Lyn-Dell

Afternoon Yoga/Massage Outing

*Option to sign-up for 90-minute Yoga Therapy sessions with Erin

Mon July 17: TaiChi for Self-Defense with Warick

*Optional Group Outing (Biking/Hiking)

Tues July 18 Morning: Free Diving 9am, strong swimmers join Erin at local pool

*Option to sign-up for 90-minute Yoga Therapy sessions with Erin

Wed July 19 Morning: 9-10:30am Somatic Dance with Lyn Dell

Thurs July 20 Morning: 9-10am Pilates with Brittany

Day 1: TMBP Year-End Review, Setting the Stage (Erin)

Personal + Professional Reflection.  What did we do?  What did we learn?  

Fri July 21: 9am Free Diving Class

11am TMBP Year-End Review (ALL Welcome) Applying the Effectuation Framework + Setting Goals

July 22 Morning: 9-11am Hatha Yoga/Meditation + Wrap-Up (Erin)

Canggu, Bali.

Canggu, Bali.