International Mindfulness Facilitator + Entreprenuer

International Mindfulness Facilitator + Entreprenuer

Erin lee henshaw

From 2010-2013 I worked at a zany, progressive cultural programs start-up in Beijing, known as The Hutong. I regularly took busloads of students into the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, and weaved top corporate execs through the back alleys of Beijing’s courtyard homes. I worked intimately with international managers to personalize team-building programs for Amazon, Apple and Johnson & Johnson.  My most memorable interactive experiences were creating a 'Culture Hunt' in Beijing for Nike’s Global Merchandising team, and on-road Scavenger Hunts in eight cities around China for Renault. As the company’s first corporate events manager, I learned a lot about collaborating with international teams, creating experiential programs and growing an exceptional brand, but little about communication and self-care. When I began to struggle with balance, I left the organization to co-found The Mind Body Project. Since 2014, I have been working with a scrappy team in the US and China to bring mindfulness programs to schools, companies and individuals. 

I am passionate about bringing science-backed breath, movement, and mindset programs to the world. In 2016 we incubated our company at the University of Virginia (UVA) iLab, as well as received multiple grants to teach and study mindfulness in the US. I have a teacher certification in Hatha Yoga from Rishikesh, India, have studied the Mindful Schools curriculum and work with various cutting-edge mindfulness programs around the world, including the UVA Contemplative Sciences Center and Mind & Life Institute.  I have facilitated personalized mindfulness programs for many types of people: teachers, elementary and college students, entrepreneurs, reporters and parents, making me particularly adept at the skills of context-switching. I believe that wherever you are is the entry point. 

In addition to my international start-up experience, I am data and analytics-focused online marketing junkie. At the UVA CSC I took a metrics-based approach towards offering branding recommendations for student and faculty communications. I worked primarily to enhance content, reach, and engagement via their website, newsletter, social media and special events. My IT training work at Worldstrides and CFA made me additionally savvy in tech translation, as I converted the complex language of a new “CRM” into simple and accessible in-person and online training modules. 

Over the years I have taken various project-based positions to pay the bills, but my passion has remained with The Mind Body Project’s mission to offer smile-infused, science-backed mindfulness programs to institutions.  I currently co-run The Yellow Door wellness hub in Charlottesville, VA and travel the world teaching breath, movement and mindset programs.

Never give up.  Always let go.