mind body Wellness

We deliver stress reduction programs to reduce stress and enhance resilience. We work with doctors to simplify and streamline brain science to create programs targeted at heath for the mind AND body.



46% costlier

to a company in terms of benefits and productivity

How are we different?

it's the complete package

Traditional employee wellness programs target physical health via external rewards. We teach movement AND mindset to develop mental resilience; a work-out for all of our muscles.

everyone needs something different!

personalized energy audit


We begin each program by collecting lifestyle information about each participant.

how can i change all that?

do one thing

We create a unique and totally manageable plan for each individual, and provide consistent support and motivation in the form of daily classes, retreats and workshops.

Do one thing.  Relax.  Do one more.

The weeks build, habits form and the world around you also benefits.

what does it do?

changes your brain and your life

better sleep

more energy 

less pain 

better poop

less sugar + caffeine

more clarity + happiness