Mindful Start-Up Programs and Coaching

“Don’t believe everything you think.” 



Modern neuroscience has taught us that the human brain achieves maximum creativity, focus and overall success when we use more than just the thinking part of the brain (those big frontal lobes.) PhD scientists like Dan Siegel laud an “integrationist” approach to health that integrates our conscious thoughts with our subconscious mental story, emotional reality and wisdom of the body. Forward-thinking companies such as Google and Patagonia are largely successful because they understand the importance of offering structured time and frameworks for employees to learn, reflect and deeply integrate their experiences in our fast paced world of tech and innovation.

We run brain-changing workshops, 8 to 12-week Mindful Start-Up and Experiential Education programs and individual coaching sessions that not only prompt leaders to “think” about what they are learning, but feel and reflect on the experience from the wisdom of the body and subconscious mind.  The result is deeper flow, focus and knowledge integration.

how does it work for my group?

We start each project with a blank canvas.  We asses your individual and company needs, tailoring our program to provide the most benefit to you. 

assesed on your needs

personalized programs

We use eight assessment points to measure your progress.  This helps to make sure both people and the company are developing and succeeding.

ideal candidates

Have a team of people or student group interested in deeply understanding new experiences or initiatives.  

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