Our programs enhance focus and emotional regulation, and induce smiles.  We personalize our programs to meet the needs of the workplace. This means fewer sick days and higher rates of retention and productivity. The positive energy that healthy people provide brings happiness to both the work place and the community.

Current Offerings:

One-Day Wellness Programs

Year-Long Health Challenges

8-Week Healthy Habits Programs

Active + Relaxing Team-Building

Mindful Strategy Facilitation

Mindful Leadership Coaching

how does it work in my office?

We start each project with a blank canvas.  We asses your individual and company needs, tailoring our program to provide the most benefit to you. 

assesed on your needs

personalized programs

We use eight assessment points to measure your progress.  This helps to make sure both people and the company are developing and succeeding.

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Step-by-step, here's how we'll work with you and your company.

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