Trauma Informed Mindfulness programs


trauma-informed mindfulness…

Through working with schools, tour groups and communities around the world, I noticed a significant need for the language of mindfulness to be introduced to the conversation.

Due to the increasing prevalence of trauma in everyday life, it is imperative that all group education programs train facilitators in basic trauma practices and socio-emotional regulation.

I spent three years in the US developing best practice curriculum to offer these programs to teachers, counselors, facilitators and the larger community. The Mind Body Project travels internationally to offer trauma-informed mindfulness programs that create safe spaces, offer experiential programs and facilitate top-tier programs to decrease stress and enhance resilience. 

-Erin Lee Henshaw, Co-founder

30-HR Trainings

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10-Week Program

Before we Meet:

3-6 months out: Identification of Organizational Challenges and Goals via Online Conferencing

1-3 months out: Development of personalized curriculum or Out of the Box Curriculum

At Your Organization: 

Week 1: Kick-Off Program (From 2-hours to a Weekend Retreat)

Weeks 2-9: Brain-Changing Curriculum Options:

-16 (30 min) Brain Breaks 

-8-Week Workshop for Facilitators 

-Supplementary After-School Workshops for the community 

*Each program incorporates breath, movement and mindset 

Week 10: Real-life Application of Skills and Debrief
3-Day Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Training for Facilitators

Post Program Options:
-Online Chat Groups and Email Forums
-Access to TMBP and Thought Leader Resources
-Online Consults as requested

That's a lot to take-in, and these elements can be adjusted to fit your needs.  For example, we could start with a few workshops or programs. We like to develop a unique lens for each client, so that we integrate your language and strategies into programming.

Let's start exercising those brain waves...